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Mica Tube

mica pipe
mica pipe

Mica Tube

Mica Tube

The Rigid Mica tubes made by the high grade muscovite mica paper or phlogopite mica paper with the silicone resin, that has excellent mechanical strength and electrical properties.

It is USED as supporting insulation for electrode bar or bushing line in motors, electric smelt metal oven and so on.



  1. High-temperature insulation
  2. High dielectric strength
  3. Excellent mechanical strength for durable industrial elements.
  4. Length:10-1000mm, ID:3-300mm


Welcome your customize size and demand.


Technique Data

Mica content  %9090IEC371
Bond content  %1010IEC371
Density  g/m31.8~2.381.8~2.38IEC371
Continuous heat resistance ℃550750
Intermittent heat resistance ℃8001000
Flexural strength  N/mm2>200>150GB/T5019
Water absorption  %<0.5<0.5GB/T5019
Dielectric strength  kv/mm>20>20IEC243
Anti resistance  23℃>1017>1017IEC93
Anti resistance  500℃>1012>1012IEC93
Heat loss  at 500℃  %<1<1IEC371
Heat loss  at 700℃  %<2<2IEC371


Diameter Deviation (mm)

Standard inner diameterInner Diameter ToleranceOutside Diameter Tolerance