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Mica Machined Parts

mica parts

Mica Machined Parts

The mica Machined parts made by rigid mica sheet, which has the excellent mechanical strength and electrical properties under normality.

Thickness < 2.0mm can be punched by mould tooling.

Thickness > 2.0mm can be machined like cut, drill, mill, CNC process and so on.



Applies for gaskets insulation for home appliances, welding machine, lighting rod, electrical heating elements and so on



  1. High-temperature insulation
  2. High dielectric strength
  3. Excellent mechanical strength for durable industrial elements.
  4. Provide customized process design, ensure the mica not laminate and broken when process.
  5. Width:1000mm, length<2400mm, thickness: 0.1-100mm


When parts thickness < 2mm, punch process size tolerance: +/-0.1mm

When parts thickness > 2mm, process size tolerance: +/-0.2mm


Note: It is normally there’s smelt, when use the heating equipment at first time. After that it will be in good condition.

Also there’s special designed Low Smoke Mica Sheet supply. welcome your inquiry.

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Mica Machined Parts
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