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Ceramic Fiber Board

Ceramic fiber fireproof board is made from refractory ceramic fiber, attending inorganic, and suitable organic binders. The mixture is vacuum processed into boards that keep good mechanical strengthen after heating.

The ceramic fiber fireproof board offers excellent thermal and physical stability, cold handling strength, and corrosion resistance. They are lightweight, resilient, and able to contact with flame directly. They are often used in duct insulation, expansion joints, flue & chimney linings, furnace, kiln & boiler face, and back up insulation for hard refractory.

ceramic fiber board


  • Main content: Al2O3 39~55%
  • Max working temp.: 1100~1430
  • Density: 260~450kg/m3
  • Compressive strength: 0.5Mpa
  • Type: Common, Standard, High Pure, High Alumina, Zirconium
  • Normal Size: 2400*1200mm, 1200*1000mm, 1200*600mm, 1000*1000mm,1000*600mm, 900*600mm, 600*300mm
  • Normal Thickness: min thickness is 5mm, max 100mm


  • Industrial furnace wall lining and bricking-up insulation layer, which can be used in iron and steel furnace, launders & distribution pens
  • Non-ferrous metal industry, Ceramic industry, Glass industry. Alumina industry
  • Heat insulation of high temperature and high heat equipment
  • Boilers and heater combustion chamber
  • Heat resistance for fireplace
  • Heat insulation, fireproof and sound insulation of aerospace, shipbuilding industry

Ceramic fiber board Specification:

Item 1050 COM1260 STD1260 HP1400 HA1450 HZ
working temperature950℃(1742℉)1050℃(1942℉)1100℃(2012℉)1200℃(21922℉)1350℃(2462℉)
density (kg/m3)250280-450280-450280-450280-450
permanent linear change on heating(%)≤-4 (950℃*24h)≤-3 (1050℃*24h)≤-3 (1100℃*24h)≤-4 (1200℃*24h)≤-3 (1350℃*24h)


Packing PE film, carton box, wooden pallet. Suit to load in the container for ocean transportation.

Our carton box package is made of five-layer kraft paper, to make sure the goods’ safety during ocean transportation.


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